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These reviews have been posted to NetGalley already as well as linked to my Goodreads.

I follow Sarah on Instagram and when the book was announced I knew I had to read it. Her comics are relatable, funny, and cute but with the dash of weird someone in a long term relationship can totally understand. I've sent so many of these comics to my boyfriend saying, "Look, it's us!" Thank you for putting all these in one place and providing this for me to review. I look forward to more!

I had never heard of this book until I saw it listed on NetGalley. I saw ' lovers of Hilda and the Troll' and immediately requested it - and I was not disappointed.

The art style is adorable and unique. I loved the way emotions were depicted, especially when in jars - I think we can all relate to that.

To be able to show such emotions but keeping it light and fun is hard but the author pulled it off very well.

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