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Lovestruck by Kate Watson

Summary: In the world of Greek gods, a cupid accidentally shoots herself with a love arrow and falls in love with a mortal boy.

I really liked the premise of this story - 'retelling' of Greek mythology is one of my favorite things to read. The overall story line and characters are fun and lighthearted.

The world building goes a bit too quickly - the first 30% of the book I was very confused about where we were and who was all there. You're thrown into the world like you know the character names and how their society functions. Even by the end, there were Greek names being thrown around that I just kind of skipped over since I couldn't remember who it was.

The writing style is also a little more juvenile than I was expecting. I would categorize this more like middle grade through YA. The sentences are short, the conversations aren't that deep...I almost stopped reading because I thought it would be too boring.

But I kept reading and I was suddenly invested in what happened. There's a prophecy (of course) and I was curious how it would end. The writing didn't change necessarily but maybe I just got used to it.

At one point, a character pees their pants. Not only is this a bit too juvenile for me, but based on what we know of the character, I don't believe that would have actually happened. I think it was written in 'for laughs' but it just made me roll my eyes.

There's a satisfying ending, emotions run high, and a "twist".

Overall, a good 3.5 stars. Thank you to the publisher for this advanced copy!

As a side note to the publisher, there are some technical issues with the mobi that I hope will be fixed by the time publication hits. Doubled or skipped pages and the image of the arrow was stretched almost every time it was used.

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